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Sooner or later, life of a person who was born as a Leader and acts as a Leader enters this stage. The stage of realization of one s responsibility for the ongoing beyond the personal space. Leader s personal space may consist of a business entity or a legislative or executive body, of family and a circle of friends. Life is broader. Anything has its price, and God-given gift of organizational and managerial skills demands its tribute. And this tribute is first of all a multiplied burden of responsibility.

At the moment when a Leader realizes his responsibility for the social processes going on outside his personal space he gets a chance to turn into a Public Leader and make a real contribution to history. Elites spring up this way. Elites are those forming environments, setting rules and style, establishing new philosophy for the development. Those whose aspiration to self-realization creates conditions for self-realization of others. Their joy and very essence of their lives are in it.


We are living in amazing times when new philosophy for the development of our nation and the mankind as whole emerges. The Leaders of Ukraine have two possible options only: either to enter a club of world s elites and become a part to this striking process or to close up virtually in habitual and inconvenient national space. Everyone can make a choice.


A moment has come to unite efforts of individuals who attained a certain level of maturity, who are ready to participate in creating new philosophy and setting up rules and style of development for Ukraine and the entire world. This moment has really come. Many are thinking of it, few are talking of it. Unfortunately, only a handful is acting. And today is a day to begin.


Those able of creating a Country Development Plan shall assemble. This Plan is not a thousand of papers stating inflated figures and tones of our alleged achievements. This Plan shall be a plan for nurturing and bringing to life a new state of Ukraine , with a brand-new economy and education system, new philosophy and culture built upon eternal and unshakable values of the world.


This Plan is for the designation of Ukraine s place in the new world order, for singling out several fields for Ukraine s world leadership, for revealing and enforcing potential of the nation. This task is indeed for the most advanced representatives of industrial, scientific, political, creative and educational elites.


Complexity and velocity of modern life processes are such that an individual, even of supernatural abilities, is not really in a position to comprehend the complete scope of problems and to take a right and timely decision. A Team Work time has come.


May God bring together Leaders who


respond to mankind needs


able of loving and radiating love


think in terms of power and will


fit for life-planning


consistent in activity


free of illusions and futile dreaming


"At the Begining There Was A Word". It means that someone should produce a first message. The message is sent - let us start acting.



Inna Bogoslovska

January 2003




of  Inna Hermanivna BOGOSLOVSKA,

Candidate for the Position of the President of Ukraine




My dear Ukraine,

Dear compatriots,


The moment has come to concentrate on ourselves! It is high time to choose between the old and the new! If you wish to live for five years more the way you do today you can continue to trust the fairy-tales of the authorities. The authorities then will be ruling you again, killing, raping and frantically lining their pockets at the expense of yours. If you want a turn for the better you will elect a new power. Today it is you who choose. The future of your family, of your country depends on you. At present the whole Ukraine has been united, i.e. united with three crises raging both in the Western and in the Eastern parts. The economic, political and psychological crises are breaking every family and the whole country. What should we do in order to overcome the crises? It is this that the new Ukrainian President’s programme is about.




Ukraine will become a producing country. The whole world will recognise and value the “Made in Ukraine” trademark. The following will be done to achieve this:


1.     We will produce everything we can and import those goods only which cannot be manufactured in Ukraine at a high quality level.

2.     A public contracts system, for instance to upgrade railroads, motorways, fuel and power supply sector, electrical-power industry, ship-building industry, genetic engineering, ICT, engineering network, will ensure production at thousands of enterprises.

3.     We will cut all the taxes for light industry enterprises in half for the term of five years.

4.     For the term of two years we will exempt from taxation the funds enterprises will allocate for purchasing new equipment and facilities, for instance for power saving and environment preservation purposes.

5.     We will introduce the notion of family micro-business that will be completely exempt from taxation for three years.

6.     The small businesses volume of sales limit will be raised to the equivalent of 1 million euro per year.



1.     We will become global grain and food markets principal actors. Having this in mind we will establish a Grain Union with Russia and Kazakhstan and produce 30 per cent of global grain and flour outputs. It will be a guarantee for solid prices, farmer’s wealth and high quality foodstuff supply of the population.

2.     The establishment of the Grain Union will promote investments into cereals production branch development as well as a new agro-industrial infrastructure. Furthermore, livestock farming, fruits and vegetables growing will thrive.

3.     We will set up a Chernozem National Research Centre that will provide a scientific basis for cultivation of the Ukrainian chernozem soil.

4.     The Government will subsidize and support both large agricultural enterprises and small farms.

5.     We will take drastic measures to prevent foreign poor quality goods, including GMO products, from entering the Ukrainian market.



1.     The foreign investments attraction strategy will be changed – a foreign investor interested to gain a profit from Ukraine will be allowed to operate provided that a joint enterprise with a Ukrainian counterpart is set up. On its part, the state will guarantee a stable legislation.

2.     The state will firmly protect the proprietary rights in Ukraine.

3.     The state will stimulate investments into high-tech branches and into high-priority research defined by the state.



1.     For a three year term the state will reschedule debts of banks and permit debtors to repay the loan principal only. The enforcement of pledge will settle the complete sum of the debt for the debtor permitting the bank to write the debt off without an impact on the financial result.

2.     We will be steadily abandoning the dollarization of the Ukrainian economy.

3.     The exchange rate of the hryvna against major currencies will be well predicted through adoption of the principle of a “currency basket” made up of the dollar, euro, Russian rouble and one of the Asian currencies.



1.     We will effect a drastic deregulation of business. The permit system will be substituted with a system of applications and risks insurance. A bureaucrat will be deprived of the opportunity to interfere with business entities’ operations.

2.     We will abolish the VAT and adopt a sales tax.

3.     We will cut the number of taxes and duties in half. A unified social payment will be introduced and superannuation payments will be reduced.






1.     The system of state salaries, wages and pensions will be set to rights. Their maximum will not exceed the minimum more than 20 times as much. Pensions will be calculated fairly.

2.     Salaries, wages and pensions will grow alongside the increase in production and labour productivity.

3.     The unreasonable goods and services prices and rates increase will be stopped.

4.     Prices will be monitored through the Anti-Monopoly Committee’s hard-line fight against collusions and unfair competition.

5.     Utility rates will be revised and set to rights. The public utilities upgrading will be financed from specially earmarked state funds but not at the rate-payers’ expense.



1.     “The Housing & Utilities Infrastructure Upgrading” National Programme will be implemented. Most of residential areas, housing and household premises in Ukraine do not meet the 21st century basic everyday life requirements. It is the national disgrace.

2.     Within four years every residential area in the country will be supplied with water, sewage, electricity and heating.



1.     Open e-budgets will be introduced for general supervision of Government’s earnings and expenditures. We will cut up to 40 per cent expenditures by fighting budget embezzlements alone.

2.     State budget procurement will be handled solely in line with the law, solely electronically and under the general public supervision.



1.     Within five years 9 modern diagnostic centres will be built to provide early disease detection for all the population strata all over Ukraine.

2.     “The Health of the Nation” National Programme will be implemented allowing to increase considerably medical workers’ salaries and social preferences as well as to improve the occupational prestige.

3.     Within four years all the medical institutions will be reequipped.

4.     The TB epidemic will be overcome.



1.     We will stop copying inconsiderately the Bologna standards. A new educational system will unify the classical basic methodology and the very new standards.

2.     We will grant autonomy to universities and introduce a strict control of the education quality on the part of the higher educational institutions, students and the state.

3.     We will bring back the 10-year secondary schooling. We will bring back doctors and nurses to schools. We will establish the Ministry for Pre-School, Secondary and Vocational Education.

4.     We will develop and implement “The Education” National Programme ensuring a high teachers’ and pedagogues’ labour remuneration level, reviving the respect for the profession and attracting high level specialists to the educational sphere.



1.     We will overcome corruption in law-enforcement bodies. We will promote professionals who have passed all the service levels and enjoy law-enforcement workers’ respect.

2.     We will conduct an overall review of personnel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, public prosecution system, Security Service of Ukraine as well as of court officials. We will support professionals financially, with promotions and moral incentives. At the same time we will get rid of “the old boys” and shape-shifters with shoulder-straps who ruin respect for workers of the law-enforcement bodies.

3.     We will create a strict system of responsibility for crimes and law violations ensuring that everyone will be equal before the law.

4.     We will turn the Ukrainian army into a professional one within five years.

5.     We will effect a profound de-partisation of the law-enforcement bodies, courts and the army.



1.     The number of bureaucrats will be cut in half. We will review all the civil servants with regard to their professional and ethical compliance with the positions they occupy.

2.     The civil service will be reorganized. Being a political figure a Minister will define the strategy of a Ministry whereas State Secretaries will ensure civil servants’ highly qualified and depoliticized work.

3.     The situation when Ukrainian bureaucrats are corrupted will be rectified. They have already become a new social class whose means of production are pens and paper. A bureaucrat gains as much for a single signature on a document as a small town earns for a year. We will do away with it!

4.     The election system will be changed: we will bring back the system of majoritarian elections to local councils and the 50-50 combined system of elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the parliament of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

5.     The immunity of the People’s Deputies will be radically limited and the voters’ right to recall a Deputy will be secured by the law.



1.     We will attain the international recognition of the neutral status of Ukraine and obtain the guarantees of the country’s security against external threats. Ukraine will become Switzerland of the 21st century.

2.     Neutral Ukraine will develop strategic partner co-operation with EU member-states, China, India, Brazil, Japan and the USA.

3.     Russia is our special partner. It is determined by civilization-based, historical, cultural and family ties of our nations and countries.

4.     Ukraine will bring forward “The Kyiv Initiative” to hold negotiations in Kyiv of the international community on a new global order, on security safeguards, principles of sovereignty and on arms limitations.



1.     Ukrainian is now and will be the national language of Ukraine as the language of national self-determination.

2.     The Russian language will be the official one. The state will guarantee the citizens’ right to use the Russian language in education, culture, medicine, when dealing with public institutions, etc. Everyone who regards this expedient will be able to use it under any circumstances.

3.     Other languages of national minorities will be fully protected in Ukraine in line with the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages ratified by Ukraine.

4.     We will revise the national educational standards and methodology of teaching the English language as the one for international communication.



1.     We will ensure that local authorities will regain all the functions usurped by the central power bodies.

2.     We will decentralize power delegating to local communities all the competencies and resources necessary for their functioning.

3.     All the local councils will get to form their executive committees being independent to draw budgets and handle them.

4.     The Crimean autonomy will be filled with a real content and provided with resources.



1.     Within five years in each oblast we will build a modern House of Youth, i.e. a cultural and IT centre for young people.

2.     The state will provide soft lending for families of employed young people. The Youth Housing Development Support Fund will be revived.

3.     We will ensure free attendance of children’s clubs and physical culture schools.

4.     We will guarantee implementation of the National Programme of Schoolchildren’s and Students’ Exchange between different regions of Ukraine.





The faith, hope and love save every human being in hard times. We will jointly bring back morality to social life as well as everyone’s belief in oneself and in Ukraine. Our Lord has granted us the wonderful and plentiful land. Our task is to live and work in this land with dignity and in a good way.

1.     Many religious people live in Ukraine. We will check how the Government fulfills its duties to provide churches with relevant conditions for services and believers with access to their creed. The state power will not interfere with ecclesiastical affairs.

2.     Taking care of future generations’ moral and spiritual education we will ensure that the history of religions and theology fundamentals are studied in school and at higher educational institutions.

3.     Confidence in the future depends directly on how well an individual is informed. Within five years we will ensure that the absolute majority of the Ukrainian population would have an access to the Internet.

4.     We will assist the Ukrainian TV channels to be entertaining and informative by placing government contracts among state-owned and private media to produce documentary, scientific and cultural programmes.

5.     We will promote development of the national cinematography and theatre by establishing a special fund to support financially cinematic and theatre art projects, for instance innovative ones and intended for youth.



We will not seek enemies in the past. Yet we will make everyone without distinction live to the law and rules from the moment when the new power comes to Ukraine.

We will overcome injustice and devastation!

“The former” have brought troubles already.

Elect the new future!

We will take the path of the Truth. It is Labour, Order and Faith only that will lead Ukraine out of the crisis bringing well-being and dignity to every Ukrainian.


With respect for everybody and love of Ukraine,


Inna Bogoslovska